These Two Teachers Are Sharing The Meanest Things Their High School Students Have Ever Said To Them

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Being a teacher requires you to have a certain level of toughness. Not only do teachers deal with ever-changing curriculums and low pay, but they also must be able to handle unruly students.

These two educators are living proof that it’s necessary to have thick skin in order to survive the brutality of teenagers.

Alissa (@teachinginstyle) is a 26-year-old high school history teacher based in California, and she and a fellow teacher are on TikTok taking turns sharing all the mean things their students have said to them.

In the viral video, Alissa started off by saying that one of her students looked her straight in the eye and told her that it made sense why she wasn’t married. Next, her coworker explained that she always asked her students what they were grateful for at the end of every class.

Most of the time, students would say they were grateful for stuff like their teachers, their moms, or the sun. But every day, there was one student who always said, “I’m grateful I get to leave this room.”

Then, Alissa stated that a student had said she seemed like a “skinny legend,” but in reality, she was just really depressed.

The other teacher revealed that a photo of the shoes she wore every day to work ended up on a hate account on social media, where they were rated one out of five. Alissa followed that up with a student’s declaration that they hoped she would get hit by a bus.

After that, Alissa’s coworker described an interaction that occurred when she showed one of her students a picture of a wedding dress she was excited to purchase. Once the student saw the picture, they said, “No offense, this is giving more bridesmaid than bride.”

A student also once told Alissa that he thought she would be a really good teacher if she didn’t “have the attention span of a small squirrel.”

Prostock-studio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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