Trench Coats Are Go-To Garments For Unpredictable Early Spring Weather, So Here’s How To Style This Staple Piece And Make A Statement

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Right now, we’re in that transitional point in the year where the winter begins fading into springtime, and temperatures are all over the place.

One day, it’s sunny and going up to 60 degrees, and a few days later, it’s cloudy and windy, and the temperature is in the high 30s. 

Because of this temperature whiplash, we’re still keeping our favorite coats and jackets available to us, just in case. A great trench coat is one of the best things to wear on those chilly days. 

If you have always wanted to buy a trench coat but were insecure about how to style it or have one that’s been sitting in your closet collecting dust, here are some cute ideas for you!

With your favorite work attire

One of the best parts about trench coats is how quickly they make you feel classy and sophisticated. That’s why they’re great to wear with your favorite work attire. Few things make a nice button-up blouse and trousers look more snazzy than a trench coat. 

Pair it with a fun print or pop of color

Many people associate wearing trench coats with other neutral clothing, but that doesn’t have to be the case.

If you have a great top with a fun print or pattern and don’t want to take any attention away from it with a colorful or eye-catching jacket, use a trench coat! The neutral coat will help keep the attention on your top and bring your outfit together.

Look! – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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