When His Dad Found Out About His Huge Inheritance, He Tried To Make Him Share It With His Siblings

carballo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Sometimes, people struggle to cope when someone in their family gets a higher inheritance from another relative.

One teenager is about to inherit a large amount of money from his late mother and grandparents and is refusing to share it with his stepsister and half-brother.

He’s 17, and his mom passed away ten years ago. When she died, she left a large amount of money to him in an account that his wealthy grandparents contributed to. He found out that he’d get all of this money once he turned 18.

His mom made it very clear that the money in the savings account would go to him and him only, even if his dad remarried and had more kids.

“She didn’t want to run the risk that once she was gone, her money could be used for someone who wasn’t her kid,” he explained.

“My dad knew some money had been saved for me by mom but was never aware of how much or little it was. He also had no idea my grandparents continued saving for me. My grandparents told me about the money over a year ago. They wanted me to prepare for my future and know I would have so many options because of the money available.”

His dad did end up getting married again. His stepmom has a 16-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, and she and his dad have a five-year-old son. His stepmom isn’t well off, and his stepsister will need scholarships and financial aid to get to college.

At one point, his dad tried to sit him down and let him know he would have to work hard to make money and succeed, which was when he let his dad know how much money he’d be receiving when he turned 18. 

His dad was taken aback and told his wife, who was also shocked by the large amount of money. They quickly began suggesting that he split his inheritance money with his stepsister and half-brother.

carballo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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