While Working As A Waitress, She Was Treated Horribly By A Customer Who Thought She Looked Like “The Other Woman” Her Boyfriend Had Just Cheated On Her With

bongkarn - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When you’re a server at a restaurant, you must be prepared for customers to be in all sorts of moods. Sometimes, you may get stuck with a customer upset with you for no good reason.

Syd (@poorandhungry), a TikTok creator famous for her re-enactments of crazy restaurant stories, recently made a video about a customer who treated her waitress terribly for the pettiest reason.

Syd got this story from one of her viewers, and TikTok users were shocked. In the video, Syd, who plays the waitress, kindly greeted the female customer and welcomed her to the restaurant.

Instead of saying hello or greeting Syd, the customer demands a new fork, as hers had fallen on the floor.

Syd told the customer she could get her a new fork and was about to ask if she could get her anything else, and the customer cut her off, demanding she leave to get the fork then and there.

Syd reluctantly agreed to get a new fork, explaining it would take her a while since the customer was seated on the restaurant’s patio.

When Syd returned with the fork, the interaction did not resume normally. The customer then demanded more napkins.

“Yes, I can bring you more napkins,” says Syd. “What else can I bring you since I have a long way to travel and come back? Perhaps some drinks?”

“Perhaps napkins,” responded the rude customer. “Then we can clean up our table, and then you can actually take care of us.”

bongkarn – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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