Yes, Perfume Actually Expires: Here’s What You Need To Know To Preserve The Shelf Life Of Your Favorite Fragrances

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Perfume sits on our dressers day in and day out, but most of us largely take our favorite fragrances for granted.

These invisible accessories complement any outfit and are the perfect final touch before you walk out the door to kill it at work or woo on a first date.

But did you know that, much like the food in your fridge, perfumes don’t last forever?

Yes, they expire, and their longevity largely depends on how we store and care for our precious perfumes.

So, let’s get into the nitty-gritty of perfume expiration and discuss all the practical ways you can make sure your favorite scents stay fresh for as long as possible.

What Is Perfume Even Made Of?

To better preserve your perfume, you must understand what it’s actually composed of first.

Perfume is a complex concoction of both art and science. At its core, it contains a blend of concentrated fragrant oils and alcohol.

The fragrant compounds can be derived from natural sources like flowers, fruits, and woods or synthetic ingredients that mimic these scents. Then, alcohol acts as a solvent, keeping the oils dissolved and helping the perfume to evaporate, releasing its aroma when applied to the skin.

Africa Studio – – illustrative purposes only

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