After He And His Wife Opened Up Their Marriage, She Got Pregnant With Another Man’s Child, So Now He Wants A Divorce

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Several years ago, this 34-year-old man and his 33-year-old wife decided to have an open marriage. The arrangement honestly didn’t last that long before they decided to end it and go back to monogamy.

He had a pretty great experience with the women he got to meet while their marriage was still open, and he says he saw the men his wife hooked up with, whom he all deemed ugly.

His wife’s insecurity about her appearance was what led them to open up their marriage in the first place.

“You have to understand there’s a substantial difference in attractiveness between us,” he explained.

“She’s a big fat lady, which I don’t mind. But ever since I got in shape, she’s admitted to feeling insecure.”

Anyway, after ending their open marriage, he learned that his wife was pregnant. The timing was odd, and they both had an awful feeling about who the father actually was, but they brushed that aside.

After a bit of time, they figured it would be best to do a paternity test, and the results indicated that he is not the father of his wife’s child.

Regardless, they made the decision to pretend they didn’t know and carry on as normal, which he was happy to go along with. So he spent a year and a half raising his wife’s child as his own.

“About this time, my wife has a breakdown in front of her mother and lets our secret out,” he said.

FollowTheFlow – – illustrative purposes only

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