He Dumped His Girlfriend Because She Expected Him To Foot A Bill Over $1,200 For All Her Friends At Her Birthday Dinner

They had another talk about the issue, and his girlfriend said he needed to transfer her the money for her friends’ meals so she could pay them back, and she said she wouldn’t speak to him until he transferred the money.

He was furious with this demand, so they fought again. Eventually, he dumped her and asked her to pack her belongings and get out.

“While leaving, she called me a ‘broke boy’ and wished me good luck finding another girlfriend with my ‘brokey mentality.’ I almost immediately regretted dumping her on the spot,” he shared.

When he reflected on the bigger picture, they were arguing over a minor issue, so he wasn’t sure if he had done the right thing.

On Monday, his girlfriend sent him a text saying she was sorry for name-calling him, but she reiterated that she wanted him to pay her friends for their meals, adding that she’d only consider getting back together with him if he did so.

After breaking up with his girlfriend, he’s been an emotional wreck. He’d always imagined she would be his wife and the mother of his children, and it felt like a waste of their four-year relationship to end it over this disagreement.

Looking back, he acknowledged that he could have informed his girlfriend’s friends’ ahead of time that they’d need to pay for themselves, and he blames himself for not telling them in advance. However, the way his girlfriend treated him over the last two weeks worried him.

At the same time, he loves her so deeply that he doesn’t want this disagreement to be the cause of their breakup. He’s debating on giving in to his girlfriend’s demands and paying back her friends so they can all move on.

What advice would you give him?

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