He Found Out His Wife Had Been Cheating With Her Old Boyfriend Throughout Their Entire Marriage, So He Waited Out Their Prenup Term Before Filing For Divorce

Andrey_Arkusha - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man and his wife had been married for eight years when he learned that she’d been having an affair with her ex-boyfriend throughout their entire marriage.

She’d been with her ex from high school through college, whom she loved deeply and her parents despised.

“Her parents finally told her they would cut her off financially if she stayed with him. We met soon afterward, and I fell in love. She did not. My wife settled for me. I didn’t know it when I married her, but I do now,” he said.

Before they married, her parents persuaded them to sign a prenup. Since he wanted to be married for the rest of their lives, he had no issue with this plan.

According to the prenup terms, he wouldn’t get much of anything if they divorced before a decade of marriage.

From then on, as long as he wasn’t the cause of the divorce, everything would be equally divided.

When he found out his wife had been cheating for eight years, he was understandably devastated and furious.

“I had spent eight years supporting her and her career. She has a much better-paying job than I do. It is high profile, and she deals with our government a lot. I decided that I could handle two years of infidelity,” he explained.

His rationalization was that since his wife hadn’t been faithful for their entire marriage so far, he could handle waiting two years to file for divorce.

Andrey_Arkusha – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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