He Found Out His Wife Had Been Cheating With Her Old Boyfriend Throughout Their Entire Marriage, So He Waited Out Their Prenup Term Before Filing For Divorce

So, on their tenth wedding anniversary, he filed for divorce. They’d gone on vacation before this, and he allowed his wife’s parents to pay for the trip.

He didn’t do anything petty like send her parents the proof of his wife’s affair. Instead, he went through the usual process of hiring a lawyer to draft the divorce papers. They included proof that he was filing after ten years of marriage so the assets would be equally split.

“She said that I blindsided her after our holiday away. She doesn’t understand why I would do it. I said I just don’t think we are compatible anymore. I am prepared to go nuclear if I have to,” he shared.

Even though he verified that he’s the father of their children, he doesn’t want custody of them since his wife cheated before and after they had kids together. He has the proof of his wife’s affair, and he knows her ex-boyfriend is married and that he could destroy their marriage with the proof if he wanted to.

If he did this, his wife’s parents would be furious with her once they found out. In his view, it was a good idea to wait to file for divorce until they’d been officially married for a decade so that he would have more money to go toward child support.

What would you have done if you were in his shoes?

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