He Had A Glow Up, So A Girl Who Previously Rejected Him In High School Started Throwing Herself At Him During A Party, But He Just Told Her To Get Away From Him And Made Her Cry

starsstudio - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

From when this 24-year-old man was 15 until 22, he thought he was hideous, but he doesn’t think he’s too attractive now, either. When he was younger, though, he didn’t work out often or have good hygiene; his hair was thin, and he had a stutter, making him uncomfortable and nervous while trying to socialize.

When he was 22, he suddenly chose to improve his life. He started a gym membership and didn’t order delivery as frequently as he used to.

A prescription for Minoxidil for his hair thinning was beneficial, and he began stepping out of his comfort zone and making conversation with strangers to practice coping with his stutter.

“It took a while, but now, at 24, I’m in much better shape, my hair is better, I’m very clean, and I practice regular grooming and skincare. I’m better at social situations, although I still have anxiety,” he said.

At 21, he met a woman who is 22 now and was 18 when they met. A month after hanging out with her in a group, he developed a crush on her and asked her on a date. She was fairly kind when she rejected him, but later, other friends within the group informed him that she badmouthed him after he’d tried asking her out.

A few weekends ago, he went to a house party and was the designated driver. He drove with one of his friends to the party and was having fun.

Eventually, he saw the woman he’d had a crush on a few years ago. He acknowledged that she looked beautiful but still felt bitter about how she’d rejected him and badmouthed him behind his back.

During the party, she eventually spoke to him and joked that he changed so drastically over the years that she didn’t realize who he was. They conversed for around 20 minutes, and his former crush did most of the talking.

He pointed out that she was intoxicated, and he felt strange because he normally would have wanted to hook up with her, but due to what happened years ago, he wasn’t interested in her anymore.

starsstudio – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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