He Overheard His Fiancée Admitting That She’s Settling For Him Since He’s A Nice Guy, So He’s Considering Canceling Their Wedding

He understandably didn’t react well to her words. He does not want to just be a man to settle for; he wants to be with a woman who’s wildly in love with him.

“So I tell her that and also that she is too good to settle,” he said. “She should have a person that she is crazy about and that puts her on a pedestal.”

“I tell her to take some time to think about if I am really what she wants, and she breaks down in tears. She apologizes for saying that to her sister that she didn’t mean it and she went on for a while.”

He decided to say sorry to her, and they made up. Ever since then, his fiancée can’t keep her hands off of him.

He does love her so much, but he’s worried that in a decade, she might not want to be with him if she’s not that in love with him in return. After all, she is so beautiful that she could easily get any guy she wants.

He’s not sure if he’s making too big of a deal out of this or if he should cancel their wedding.

What advice do you have for him?

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