Her Boyfriend Ordered $90 Of Food For Himself When He Knew She Was Paying For Dinner That Night, Then Asked Her To Pay $80 For A Museum Ticket

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Over Easter break, this 22-year-old girl’s 30-year-old boyfriend came to visit her in the country where she lives.

They are currently in a long-distance relationship, and her boyfriend’s trip lasted a week and a half.

Normally, they take turns paying for their dates, but lately, she’s realizing that she gets stuck with the bigger bills.

“Whenever it is my turn to pay, he will order a lot more food than usual,” she explained. “For example, 2 days ago, we went to an Italian restaurant, and I told him I’d pay for dinner since he paid for lunch.”

“He ordered $90 worth of food just for himself, while I only ordered one dish (this has happened a lot, where he will order multiple items off the menu while I only order one thing and I end up paying). I never complain and always pay anyway since I offer to pay beforehand.”

Yesterday, she and her boyfriend went to a museum, as he really was interested in seeing a particular exhibit.

The museum required an entry fee of $80 per person for them to get in. As soon as they walked up to the counter where they had to pay, her boyfriend immediately asked her if she wanted to split the bill with him.

She didn’t have time to respond to her boyfriend when someone else who overheard her boyfriend chimed in.

“…The man working behind the counter stared at my boyfriend and told him, “No, you will be paying, don’t treat your girlfriend that way,” and rolled his eyes at my boyfriend,” she said.

PhotoBook – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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