Her Dad Mocked Her Fiancé For Crying After His Grandmother Had A Stroke And Called Him A “Weak Pathetic Man,” So She Kicked Her Parents Out

On the third day of her parents’ visit, Jackson’s sister called him and said their grandma suffered a stroke. Jackson has a close relationship with his grandmother, and he began sobbing during the phone call. She consoled him and said they could pay his grandma a visit. Moments later, her father walked into the living room, where she and Jackson were talking.

“He looked at Jackson with this look of disgust on his face I’ve seen so many times over the years growing up, and he told him to be a real man and that only babies cry, and he doesn’t want his daughter to marry a weak, pathetic man,” she shared.

Jackson was stunned, and she was furious. She ordered her father to leave, but he refused. Her father argued with her, claiming that a man expressing his honest feelings was a sign of weakness. He said he wouldn’t let her marry a man who he viewed as “weak.”

The argument got tense, and she warned her father that if he didn’t leave, she’d call the cops. Eventually, her mom convinced her father to stop, and they left. As her parents left, she expressed that she wouldn’t communicate or have a relationship with them anymore.

Since then, other family members bombarded her with texts and calls, claiming it was impolite to make her parents leave. According to her family, she should tell her parents she was sorry. In response, she told them she wouldn’t before blocking them.

Her brother texted her and questioned if she was serious about going no-contact with their parents over something that, in his view, was “silly,” and she sobbed after reading his text. She hasn’t shared the texts from her family with Jackson because she knows he’s already overwhelmed and sad about his grandmother’s stroke, and she feels awful about how her father treated him.

What would you have done if you were in her shoes?

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