Her Elderly Grandparents Secretly Traveled To Their Home Country By Themselves Without Letting Anyone Know, And Her Grandpa Accidentally Ran Her Grandma Over With A Car

Her grandma also did not remember what had happened, so at least she was spared from the trauma!

Several TikTok users shared a few instances in which their older relatives had gotten themselves into predicaments.

“My 91-year-old gpa drove himself and his toy poodle off of an embankment and into the Puget Sound when he was trying to reverse out of the parking lot,” commented one user.

“My grandma wanted a motorized wheelchair, which my mom wouldn’t buy her because we hoped she could still get out of the wheelchair with PT. Grandma got on another woman’s lap (motorized wheelchair) in her assisted living, fell off, got ran over, and broke her hip,” revealed another.

“My husband’s pawpaw with dementia ran over mawmaw at the grocery store…she was okay, just a broken hip,” chimed in a third.


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