Her Friend Accused Her Of Only Wanting To Have Fun Instead Of Settling Down, So She Called Her Friend “Desperate” For Constantly Rushing Into Relationships And Trying To Marry The First Guy She Sees

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Do you know someone who is so obsessed with the idea of one day being married and having children that they’ve had the tendency to rush into relationships in hopes of finding their perfect partner?

One woman recently snapped at her friend and called her ‘desperate’ because of her intense and fast-paced relationship history. Now, she wonders if she went too far.

She has a close friend named Mia. They’re both 32 but have known each other since they were 12. They grew close in college and moved away from their home country.

For years, they’ve been certain of what they want out of their futures. She has no desire to get married or have kids and wants to spend her adult years traveling and enjoying adventures. On the other hand, Mia has always had her heart set on getting married by 27 and having babies by the time she was 30.

For years, Mia’s tried to make her feel guilty for not wanting the same things as her, telling her she’d “regret it” one day, which always annoyed her.

In 2015, Mia was determined to find the love of her life and get married. That year, she tracked down a former classmate, Pete, who still lived in their home country. 

“Four months later, she visited Pete and told everyone they were engaged,” she explained.

“I asked her if she was sure, and she said they were in love and couldn’t wait to be married so she could sponsor him and be in the same country. I’m ashamed to say my first thought after she told me was that he was using her to get a green card.”

Before Mia and Pete could marry, the wedding was called off after it was discovered that Pete had been cheating on her.

WavebreakMediaMicro – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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