Her Husband Dated His Female Coworker For A Month And Carried On An Affair With Her Too, And She Can’t Forgive Him

Right after that night, her husband grew apart from her and acted weird. She didn’t think he was cheating on her, as she has always been able to trust him.

She figured he had to be stressed, and this was a little bump in the road for them. But after a whole month of her husband behaving in this way, she knew things were not right.

Curiosity got the best of her, and she took it upon herself to snoop through her husband’s iPad one day, as it’s connected to his phone messages.

There, she came across tons of texts between her husband and his female coworker, who had been sending some really spicy things to one another.

Not only was her husband exchanging inappropriate messages with his female coworker, but he was also exchanging steamy photos with her too.

“I found out they had gone on multiple dates while I was at work,” she said. “They were pretty much dating for over a month, and I had no idea.”

“I confronted my husband immediately, and at first, he didn’t deny it but didn’t confess to everything and didn’t take ownership.”

“I was devastated and left the house for the day. I returned late in the night and we talked about everything. He swears they never slept together, just made out a couple of times. I read all of their texts, and it doesn’t seem like they did, but IDK if I believe him.”

Ever since she found out about her husband’s affair, has has been nothing but open with her, and he has been happy to answer all the questions she asked.

He is taking accountability for his actions, and he desperately wants to work on their marriage. It’s been 9 whole months since the cheating incident, and her husband has been trying his heart out to win her over.

They have gone to counseling together, and her husband is also going alone. Counseling does seem to be helping her husband, and he’s worked through understanding why he cheated on her in the first place.

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