Her Husband Hates Their New Puppy And Wants To Get Rid Of Her, But She Refuses To Part With Their Pup

“The dog trainer has mentioned how she picks up the training without much work. I struggle with chronic illnesses and would love to work with her as a potential service dog,” she explained.

“My husband HATES the puppy and has flat-out told me he gets how much she means to me, but his hate for the puppy outweighs his care for me.”

In her husband’s opinion, the puppy is irritating, and he hasn’t tried to spend time with her. They’ve been arguing all the time, and he’s unkind to her.

Her husband makes cruel remarks to her and makes her feel dumb because of his condescending tone and attitude.

“He says he’s mean to me because he can’t take his anger out on the puppy since I get mad at him when he does. He says he feels like I’m choosing the puppy over him. I say I’m choosing myself and my sanity over his anger,” she shared.

She and her husband have had three therapy sessions with a couple’s counselor, but it hasn’t helped. The arguing and conflict have had a horrible effect on her mental and physical well-being.

She has been vomiting and crying hysterically all the time and feels like she’s going insane. Since her husband has been so angry with her, she wonders if she’s to blame for not allowing him to rehome their puppy.

What advice would you give her?

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