Her Husband’s Having An Affair With Another Woman And She Approves Of This

Elias - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This woman says that her husband, Frank, is honestly the most attentive, loving, and caring man she has ever met in her life.

The issue is she doesn’t love Frank romantically; she loves him more in a brotherly or friendly kind of way.

She wants her husband to be happy, and she knows her love for him is kind of a barrier to his happiness.

Frank always knew that she did not love him in a romantic way, and despite that, he still got married to her in order to rescue her from her awful family.

“He did hope I’d get feelings for him, but I never did – at least in the romantic sense,” she explained.

“We are great partners otherwise, in life and business (we set up our own business), and I enjoy [sleeping] with him.”

“We talked about the possibility of a divorce, but I never wanted one – I’m perfectly fine the way things are, and a divorce, even the most amicable, would bring problems to our business and life I really don’t need at the moment.”

She never wanted Frank to feel trapped, so she gave him permission to pursue other women while also being married to her.

For two entire years after she gave Frank permission, he did not try to see other women. However, three months ago, he admitted to her that he has feelings for a woman who feels the same way about him.

Elias – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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