Her In-Laws Are Unexpectedly Selling The House That She And Her Husband Rent, And They’re Having A Baby Next Month, So She’s Bitter About Having To Move

Their baby girl is due this upcoming May, and she will be the very first grandchild in both her family and her husband’s family.

“Situation: my father-in-law recently found a buyer who was interested in the property we live on (16 acres, 80s double-wide and mother-in-law suite) who has accepted his price of 700K,” she said.

“We were told yesterday that they will be working on writing up a contract in the next week. Per our states laws, we have a 90-days from written notice to move.”

She and her husband will be moving two hours away to the town where she’s from, that way she can spend time with her siblings, dad, and friends before their big move next summer.

Even though it’s not like she has nowhere to go, she’s still incredibly upset about her in-laws selling the house out from underneath them, especially since she’s eight months pregnant.

She’s so bitter about it that she no longer wants to maintain a relationship with her in-laws at all after this.

“I don’t want to feel entitled, especially because we’ve been the beneficiaries of extremely low-rent over the past few years, regardless of the effort we’ve put into improving this house,” she continued.

“I don’t think I would feel as personally affronted if this was a normal landlord/tenant relationship. Instead, I feel like my in-laws are choosing profit over a good relationship with my husband, myself, and our child.”

“We’ve been extremely vocal about our timeline and quite frankly, the stress of 1) giving birth and becoming a new mom 2) having to move and 3) my husband’s Level 2 exam all happening within the same 3 months is extremely overwhelming. I don’t want to be petty or vindictive, but I’m having such a hard time not reacting emotionally. How do I deal with this situation with grace, without harming a relationship with my in-laws?”

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