Her Parents Kicked Her Little Sister Out For Not Contributing Around The House, So She Opened Up Her Own Apartment, But She Wound Up Kicking Her Sister Out, Too, For Not Following Any Of Her Rules

“Two days ago, I invited my friends over, and I told my sister to clean the guest bathroom and the kitchen and tidy up the living room because my friends were coming over and I was at work. I wanted the house to be clean when I got home, and I would just prepare snacks. Well, my sister didn’t do any of that! When I came home, the house looked extremely messy, and it was not like that before I left.”

The apartment somehow became messier that day, with a filthy kitchen and living room covered with her sister’s stuff.

This made her snap. She screamed at her sister and forced her to leave her home right then and there.

Her sister began crying and begging to let her stay, but she put her foot down and watched as she packed her bags.

Once her sister was gone, she was able to clean up her home and get back to her normal life. Her sister decided to move in with their aunt, and now their family is divided.

Her parents understood why she kicked her sister out and agreed it was the right thing to do. However, some of their other relatives think it was horrible of her to kick her sister out.

What would you do if you were in her position?

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