He’s Considering Divorcing His Wife Because She Believes He’s Cheating And Slapped Him One Night After He Got Home Late From The Office

georgerudy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 30-year-old guy has been with his 28-year-old wife for five years and married to her for two years. But, ever since they welcomed their first baby into the world a few months ago, his wife has been acting differently.

Apparently, she suspects that he’s been having an affair with a female 26-year-old coworker on his team – even though he swears that isn’t the case.

“I have reassured her many times there’s nothing going on between us. My wife has full access to my phone, all text messages, everything,” he said.

Yet, every single time he gets home late from work, his wife believes that he is cheating with his coworker. But, according to him, that’s simply not true, and he only gets home late because he was actually working late at the office.

“So I constantly update my wife from the office, text her photos, to try and convince her I am actually working and not cheating,” he explained.

However, just yesterday, he had a very stressful day at work and was forced to stay late at the office. Since he was so busy, and he was trying to get all of his work done quickly, he also forgot to update his wife that he would be returning home later than planned.

That’s why he never sent her any text messages warning her, and by the time he got home, his wife was furious.

She started freaking out at him and accusing him of cheating. She also began sobbing, and when he went to hug her to try and comfort her, she just slapped him super hard.

“She slapped me so hard that I inadvertently started crying, and she immediately apologized a lot after that,” he revealed.

georgerudy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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