His Girlfriend Spent $800 On His Credit Card Without Asking Him, And It Ruined The Trust He Had For Her

Rene La/ - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Pretty recently, this 24-year-old guy came into a large amount of money, and he already makes excellent money at his job.

His 23-year-old girlfriend knows about his financial situation, and she makes minimum wage at her job.

He decided to give her one of his credit cards in an effort to show that he was trying to be supportive of her.

He mentioned when he handed her the card that it should only be used in case of emergencies or if he is there with her to see what she needs to purchase.

He also made it clear to his girlfriend that she needed to ask him first before ever putting a charge on his credit card.

They are currently in a long-distance relationship, but they spend three months together at a time.

“We have a close relationship, and she’s fully aware of my frugal habits; I seldom indulge in eating out or spending on non-essentials,” he explained.

“However, after not checking the credit card statements for a few months, I was surprised to find she had spent $800 on groceries, dining out, Ubers, and delivery over the last four months – all without discussing it with me.”

“Upon confronting her, she was apologetic, stating she assumed she had more leeway with the card and didn’t realize she was overstepping. She’s agreed to pay back the money, which is a relief, but the issue has evolved beyond just the financial aspect for me.”

Rene La/ – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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