His Girlfriend Went On A Rant About Him Being Inappropriate With His Daughter, When They Just Have A Close Bond

Drazen - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

Many parents of teenagers know the sad feelings that occur when their kid stops being affectionate with them and rejects hugs or snuggles when they get older and moody.

Some parents would kill to have a teenager or older kid who showed affection. But could you imagine someone giving you grief for being affectionate with your teen?

One man, who’s the single father of an affectionate teenage daughter, was recently given grief by his girlfriend for allowing her to sleep in his room.

He’s 38 and has a 22-year-old daughter named Emma, who he’s raised by himself since she was born, as her mother gave up custody of her.

Emma’s a “wonderful young lady” attending college but stays with him whenever she gets a break.

Now that Emma’s grown up, he’s started dipping his toe back into dating and met a nice woman named Sara. He and Sara began casually dating, and she knew about Emma but started hanging around with her more recently since Emma’s been on a break from school.

“Emma came home recently, acting a bit more clingy than usual,” he said.

“But she’s always been very affectionate, so I didn’t think much of it. It’s very normal for her to have her head on my shoulder or her feet in my lap while watching movies together. She just likes to be physically close to people. Sara has made a few comments, but nothing more.”

Recently, Emma’s clinginess has progressed a bit, as she’s been dealing with anxiety at school. Therefore, she’s been home a lot more often. Although Emma is usually good about giving him and Sara their space whenever Sara’s at their house, Emma recently did something that Sara considered to be too much.

Drazen – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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