His Girlfriend Went On A Rant About Him Being Inappropriate With His Daughter, When They Just Have A Close Bond

A few nights ago, while Sara was over, Emma pulled him aside and asked if she could sleep in his room for a while because she couldn’t fall asleep in her room due to her anxiety.

Emma swore she would get up and return to her room when he was ready to go to bed so she wouldn’t be in the way.

“I told her it was fine,” he recalled.

“She hasn’t slept much since coming home, so if giving up my bed [for] the couch is what it takes, I don’t mind at all. Even though Emma had spoken to me quietly, Sara heard, and as soon as Emma left, she started berating me.”

“She said she could ‘excuse’ the ‘touchiness,’ but not this. She accused Emma of being jealous of her and trying to push her out of the way.”

Sara told him his relationship with Emma was inappropriate, and whenever he tried to defend himself and Emma, she would shut him down.

When Sara took a pause from her rant, he tried to calmly tell her she had no right to speak about his relationship with his daughter.

Sara eventually stormed out of his house after making more harsh comments about him and Emma.

“I feel bad for making Sara so upset, but I don’t think I did anything wrong,” he added. “I don’t think that was enough to actually justify that type of reaction, but I’m confused enough to second guess myself.”

Should he have listened to Sara and taken her reaction into consideration or be done with her?

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