New Research Suggests What We Eat Has A “Profound” Impact On Brain Health, With A Healthier Diet Contributing To Stronger Mental Health, Enhanced Cognitive Functioning, And Larger Grey Brain Matter, Which Is Linked To Intelligence

“Developing a healthy balanced diet from an early age is crucial for healthy growth. To foster the development of a healthy balanced diet, both families and schools should offer a diverse range of nutritious meals and cultivate an environment that supports their physical and mental health,” Feng explained.

Furthermore, Feng stressed the importance of public policy in advocating for healthy food choices that are both accessible and cost-effective.

“Since dietary choices can be influenced by socioeconomic status, it’s crucial to ensure that this does not hinder individuals from adopting a healthy balanced dietary profile,” Feng concluded.

“Implementing affordable nutritious food policies is essential for governments to empower the general public to make informed and healthier dietary choices, thereby promoting overall public health.”

To read the study’s complete findings, which have since been published in Nature Mental Health, visit the link here.

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