Now That Spring Has Sprung, Here’s How To Spot The Signs That Your Furry Friend Is Suffering From Seasonal Allergies

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Spring brings warmth, longer days, and the joy of witnessing nature’s rebirth. However, it’s not all blossoms and sunny skies, especially for our four-legged companions.

As flowers bloom and grasses grow, many dogs start to show signs of allergies. And identifying these signs early can make a big difference in your pet’s comfort and health.

So, here’s everything you need to know about canine springtime allergies, from what causes them to the symptoms that dog owners should keep an eye on.

Common Causes Of Canine Allergies

Springtime allergies in dogs are primarily triggered by environmental allergens. Pollen from trees, grass, and weeds, as well as mold spores, can all contribute to allergic reactions.

But unlike humans, who experience respiratory symptoms, dogs tend to show skin-related issues. The reason? Dogs absorb allergens through their skin.

So, engaging with the great outdoors, where these allergens are rampant, can lead to discomfort and various symptoms.

Constant Scratching

If your dog starts to scratch more than usual, it might not just be an itch they’re trying to shake off.

annaav – – illustrative purposes only

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