She Broke Up With Her Boyfriend Because She Caught Him Flirting With An AI Chatbot After He Quit His Job

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 25-year-old woman currently has a 23-year-old boyfriend. But, his super unconventional views on artificial intelligence (AI) have been messing with their relationship.

Apparently, her boyfriend believes that, by 2030, “AI will progress to a point where it can self-improve and make a super AI which can instantaneously solve all disease and physics.”

And before then, by 2026, her boyfriend thinks there will be a labor crisis because of smart technology – with AI taking over office jobs and “humanoid robots” taking over most physical labor work.

“He genuinely believes that, by then, most people will become homeless and will live in tent cities with a government ration of ‘peanut butter sandwiches enriched with fried grasshoppers,” she explained.

Now, she claims that she isn’t a “shallow person,” so she would never just break up with someone due to their beliefs. However, the main issue is that her boyfriend’s extreme views on AI have pushed him to make some crazy and irresponsible decisions.

Primarily, her boyfriend actually quit his job and burnt his architecture diploma. Then, he got a job working very long shifts as a line cook. You’re probably wondering why, too.

“In his words, ‘By the end of this year, people will be fighting tooth and nail for a physical role like mine,'” she said.

Whether or not that’s true or simply insane is beside the point. For her, her boyfriend’s decision has had immediate consequences for her – causing her to start paying a larger portion of their rent.

Not to mention, she even recently caught her boyfriend flirting with an AI chatbot online! Apparently, he was on some website that allows the public to interact with chatbots of all different personalities – including some that flirt.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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