She Caught Her Boyfriend On A Dating App, And Even Though He Promised It Was A Joke, She Dumped Him

“The friend who supposedly made him do it also texted him about 6 months ago saying there’s some girl who finds him cute, and he wants to set him up with her. He declined as far as I know.”

She didn’t believe that her boyfriend was finding the time to cheat on her since they are constantly together.

It would be nearly impossible for her boyfriend to meet another girl or talk to one without her knowing.

Regardless, she was filled with so much disgust, and she felt incredibly disrespected by what her boyfriend did.

“To even imagine that when he’s around his friends, he feels like it’s alright to behave like I don’t exist,” she said.

“I want to break things off, but I’m also not sure if I’m overreacting.”

After a bit of consideration, she decided that she can’t forgive her boyfriend for doing this, so she dumped him.

Do you agree with what she did?

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