She Doesn’t Want To Help Her Husband By Co-Signing A Loan With Him Because He Never Treated Her Like A Financial Equal Or Put Her Name On The Deed To Their House

It understandably angers her that throughout their relationship and marriage, her husband never saw her as an equal who should have had enough agency to weigh in on their finances. In her view, her husband acted like she was a kid, not his wife and partner.

Over the years, her husband claimed they didn’t have the money to take trips or upgrade items that needed to be replaced. When she told him she wanted to look at their finances to see if there was room in the budget, he said he was humiliated and didn’t want her to see them.

She took her annoyance as motivation to save money on her own so she didn’t have to ask her husband for money if she wanted to buy things. Later, she told her husband she wouldn’t co-sign on the loan with him.

Do you think she did the right thing?

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