She Feels Blindsided After Finding Out That Her Boyfriend’s Parents Are Billionaires, Since He Never Told Her

“My boyfriend lives on the top floor of a luxury apartment, [has] no student loans, [and his] parents bought his car as a grad present and also got him a Rolex watch as a grad present from his masters,” she explained.

“My boyfriend is in a manager role and won’t tell me his salary, but he asked mine—so this leads me to think it’s much, much higher than mine. We split things pretty equally (and always have!!!) after he initiated a conversation saying that he pays for way more, and things feel unequal.”

“For a few months, I didn’t have a job, and he actually brought this up then. I was very surprised, but ever since, I’ve been on high alert for immediately Venmoing back/ the same for him.”

Recently, she looked up her boyfriend’s parents on the internet and felt blindsided to discover that they are, in fact, billionaires.

She knows that whatever money her boyfriend’s parents have is not exactly his, but she’s upset that her boyfriend never informed her about their financial situation.

It also irritates her that her boyfriend has made her help pay for everything in their relationship when he’s more well-off than she is.

“I’m the type of person that loves spoiling those in my life as much as I can/know that things will even out eventually,” she said.

“He knows all of my debts and doesn’t like staying at [my place] because of the area so I’m very conflicted on how to feel about this.”

“I love working but never imagined going tit for tat with a serious partner/don’t want a husband this way. How would you go about this?”

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