She Found Out That Her Husband Has Been Living A Double Life With His Secret Wife And Two Children In Another Country

dorriss - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Four years ago, this 24-year-old girl met her 36-year-old husband, Jake, on a dating app. Jake isn’t from the same country that she is, but he is completely her kind of guy.

As they began chatting, she was shocked by how kind and charming Jake was. As the years have gone on, Jake has proven this is actually how he is and his personality has never wavered from her first impressions.

He’s just always been sweet and amazing to her. He’s the kind of individual that makes you feel better about yourself after completing a conversation with him.

“He and I fell in love quickly and got married fast also; he was very eager to start a family as it gave his citizenship in my country more legitimacy,” she explained.

“By our second anniversary, we were married, and I was pregnant with our son. Jake still works in his home country, and so every few months he flies back and stays there with his mother (or so I thought) completes the work required and then flies back. The rest of the work he can do at home.”

“The last few years with Jake have genuinely been the most amazing years of my life, and this is why the last week feels like such a fever dream. This is hard to explain, but a person on Facebook messaged me last Tuesday, claiming that Jake had been cheating on me and that they had proof.”

She did not believe this could be true at all, so she didn’t reply to this person at first. But then, she grew curious, so she messaged this person back, asking for them to give her evidence.

This person replied back with tons of photos of Jake alongside two boys and a woman. She could see the photos were quite recent, as she had asked Jake to dye his hair blonde in honor of the Barbie movie, and his hair was blonde in the photos.

The person went on to say that the people in these photos were Jake’s sons and wife. She refused to believe this initially, and she attempted to find out if the photos had been faked in some way.

dorriss – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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