She Kicked Her Brother And His Family Out After They Made Her Hate Living In Her Own Home

Mecoh Bain - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

While it’s extremely kind and caring to allow family to stay with you while they go through a hard time, it’s especially important to set boundaries so they don’t disrupt your daily routine too drastically.

Unfortunately, sometimes, even if you set those boundaries, they get crossed anyway.

One woman just had to tell her brother and his family they had to leave her house after his wife and kids disrupted her family’s lifestyle.

She is a married stay-at-home mom who does some work from home while taking care of her daughter. She has a brother, Ellis, who recently had a baby with his partner, Taylor, who has a little girl from a previous relationship.

Ellis recently got a new job in the city she lives in but needed help, as his job required an immediate start, and he and Taylor couldn’t afford a new place right away.

So, she agreed to let Ellis and his family stay in her house for a few months to get situated in the city but was insistent on setting some rules before they moved in.

“I made it clear that I would not tolerate them doing any sleep training or ‘cry it out’ stuff with the baby,” she said.

“If the baby cries, you need to make an immediate and reasonable effort to soothe him. The other rule was Taylor was responsible for any damage her daughter did in the house. The final rule was that neither my husband nor I would be doing any childcare. I am a stay-at-home to my own daughter [with] a side business, and my husband works very hard; just because we are home does not mean we [can] provide childcare.”

Ellis and Taylor agreed to all her conditions, and she figured things would be fine. Unfortunately, it only took two weeks of Ellis and his family living with her for them to break the rules.

Mecoh Bain – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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