She Kicked Her Neighbors Out Of Her Daughter’s Birthday Party After They Showed Up Uninvited

pressmaster - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

Two days ago, this woman threw her daughter a birthday party to celebrate turning eight. They went with a princess theme for the party, and the only guests invited were family members or close friends of their family.

Now, in her neighborhood, she does not have a relationship with anyone she lives near. Her neighbors are not that great, and while she does wave to be polite when she sees them, that’s the extent of her interaction with them. She never talks to her neighbors, let alone spends any time around them.

Her backyard is somewhat fenced in, and while she was passing out cupcakes to the children invited to her daughter’s birthday party, she spotted two children she did not know at all.

She stopped, trying to figure out where these kids had come from, and then it dawned on her that they were her neighbor’s kids.

“I paused handing out cupcakes to ask why they were here, and one of the kids just shrugged and said, “My mommy said I could go,” she explained.

“I told them it was inappropriate to just come here. My husband escorted them back to their parents’ house.”

“All the neighbors’ houses are decently spaced, so it’s not necessarily dangerous, but we felt better if someone walked with the kids.”

A while after that, and after she had cut her daughter’s birthday cake, her neighbors showed up again.

It was not just the kids this time; their parents were there with them too. She asked her neighbors what they were up to, and they looked puzzled.

pressmaster – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual child

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