She Once Had To Hide In The Walk-In Freezer During A Tornado Since She Works As A Server At A Restaurant That Never Closes, No Matter The Weather

That day, Aaliya and her co-workers asked their boss if they could stay home because tornado warnings were being sent out all day, but no, they had to work. Why? Because their boss told them they were ‘essential workers.’

“This is a restaurant,” says Aaliya.

“People will not die if they don’t eat their chicken tenders.”

TikTok users commented on Aaliya’s video, expressing that they understood her frustration, as they had to work in a restaurant during crazy times as well. Those users had to work through electrical fires in the building, storms, power outages, etc.

If you’ve worked at a restaurant for a long time, what are the wildest circumstances you’ve had to work under?


Like I AM NOT AN ESSENTIAL WORKER making sure these people get their nuggies and fries is not worth my life #serverlife #serverproblems #serverrant

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