She Played A Trick To Catch Her Husband Lying After Realizing He Put A Tracker On Her Car, But He Keeps Insisting It Was Just In Case Her Car Got Stolen

phoenix021 - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 26-year-old woman and her husband have had many issues in their marriage, but recently, things have been improving, or so she thought. Their relationship was so volatile a while ago that she moved out for a month. She was too emotionally fragile to handle the constant fighting.

Her father-in-law was the COO of a company, and her husband worked there. In 2020, amid the pandemic, the company temporarily allowed employees to work from home. Her husband could continue working from home 80% of the time permanently.

Since her husband could work remotely almost all the time, they moved to Connecticut, an hour away from the city where they used to live. They bought a bigger home and had more privacy, and her husband continued working as usual. Since he worked from home, she was around him more often than she used to be.

“He claimed he moved me out of there because of one instance where a homeless man in NYC was getting aggressive with me and others on the subway, and how Connecticut was much safer. Yet his protectiveness became more intense when we moved to Connecticut,” she said.

Eventually, she began attending therapy online. While she didn’t have any concrete proof, her husband’s behavior made her suspicious that he’d overheard what she talked about during therapy sessions.

She argued with her husband because he would often grab her hand and move her thumb over her phone’s Home button to make her open it. He always told her it was because he needed to look at her phone to find a mutual friend’s phone number.

The last straw that caused her to leave him for a month was during a birthday vacation he booked for her. She had to ensure they flew home in time for her to attend her sister’s upcoming baby shower. Her husband wasn’t honest about when their flight home was, so she nearly missed the shower.

She was furious and left their house for several weeks. While on their break, he texted her, saying he was sorry. She’d been job hunting and had an interview, and her husband wished her luck and told her to have a great day. He sent her fancy presents and letters.

“The notes said even if I don’t want to see him, he hopes for the best for me because he loves me. I gave him another chance because I had a pregnancy scare, and his dad said he missed all work obligations for weeks and was crying and saying I hated him. I felt bad because I had said if he treated me like a prisoner, I’d hate him,” she explained.

phoenix021 – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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