She Told Her Spoiled Brother That The Reason Why He Couldn’t Hold Down A Girlfriend Was Because He’s A Pathetic “Walking Red Flag” And No Woman Would Disrespect Themselves Enough To Be With A Loser Like Him

patho1ogy - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

Do you know someone who grew up to be an adult with a lot of attitude or sense of entitlement because they were spoiled as a child?

One woman recently fought with her brother because she called him pathetic and told him he was a ‘walking red flag’ after he complained about not being able to keep girlfriends.

She’s 32 and has a 27-year-old brother named Carl. Their parents and relatives heavily spoiled Carl after he became very sick when he was eight. He spent months in the hospital, and doctors didn’t think he would live past nine. Therefore, all the adults in their lives paid close attention to him and gave him everything he wanted.

However, Carl survived his illness and went on to grow up healthily. But because of all the attention and special treatment he received as a kid, he grew up very entitled.

“It took a couple of years for everyone to stop spoiling him,” she said.

“My father admitted it was just habit, but once he realized the negative impact it had on me and Carl’s [entitlement], things changed immediately. My mother is, to this day, the only holdout. Obviously, Carl hated that he was being told no for anything. Everyone expected him to adjust over time, but he never did. He even told a therapist that he’d never cooperate because he was right and everyone else was wrong.”

Although Carl is very smart, he’s lazy and arrogant. He never gained a work ethic and refused to go to college after having to repeat his senior year of high school. He didn’t get a job until he was 24 because he believed jobs were beneath him.

Carl has lived with their dad for years and takes advantage of him, as he doesn’t cook, clean, or pay rent.

“Carl still lives with my dad, and when I visit, we occasionally talk,” she explained.

patho1ogy – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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