She Took Her Kids, Left Her Husband, And Told Him That He Needs To Finally Get A Job In Order To Keep His Family

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This 33-year-old has been married to her husband, 35, for nearly a decade. They have an 8-year-old son and 15-month-old twin boys. Seven years ago, she and her husband entered new careers. Six months into his new job, her husband was intoxicated and tripped and fell, hitting his shoulder.

“He ended up pinching his spinal cord and needing surgery. For the next year, he stayed at home and had zero interest in being a dad and husband,” she said.

Since her husband wouldn’t care for their son, she had to bring her son to work with her, and her commute was an hour one way. They started financially struggling because they were living on just her income and couldn’t afford the cost of living in their area.

She constantly suggested that her husband file for disability, and she told him she’d assist him with the paperwork. He always got angry and marched away, brushing her suggestion aside. Eventually, they moved in with her parents to save money.

Their parents said that as long as her husband drove them to their doctor’s appointments and contributed to the housework, all they had to pay for was groceries. While living with her parents, her husband mentioned that he wanted to learn coding, hoped to earn a degree, and would love to find a remote job.

“I always supported and encouraged him to try all the paths he was interested in. Each new idea fizzled out within six weeks to three months,” she explained.

Every six months, her husband and father would have a ridiculous fight, driving her husband to leave and stay with his parents for about a week before returning. In June 2022, she and her husband learned she was pregnant with twins.

Once she gave birth and returned to work, she and her husband got into a parenting routine. After returning home from work, she’d care for the twins and ensure their son was doing his homework. She’d cook dinner and continue watching their children so that her husband was able to relax. Throughout the night, they took turns caring for the twins.

Her husband doesn’t communicate with her parents much because he doesn’t want to start arguing with them. She’s suggested that her husband hang out with friends, but he never does. On Monday, her father started an argument with her husband, and her son was within earshot.

JustLife – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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