She Videotaped Her In-Laws Fighting And Threatened To Play It For The Rest Of The Family Because Her Mother-In-Law Always Acts Like She Has A Perfect Marriage

Eventually, her mother-in-law locked her husband’s stepfather out of their bedroom while he stood at the door “like a sad puppy.”

The following day, his stepfather sent her mother-in-law flowers, but she didn’t forgive him, so he then gave her jewelry from Tiffany’s, which seemed to do the trick because they went back to being happy as usual.

After her in-laws’ fight was resolved, her mother-in-law criticized her again and tried to tell her how to improve her marriage.

During the conversation, she explained to her mother-in-law that she’d heard her and her husband’s argument a few nights ago.

Then, she threatened to tell her mother-in-law’s parents about the fight when they came over for dinner on Easter if she didn’t quit lecturing her, adding that she had a video of their argument on her phone.

Her mother-in-law was furious, and her husband’s stepfather told her he would smash her phone. Luckily, she and her husband won’t live much longer with her in-laws.

Do you think she was wrong to record her in-laws while they argued?

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