She’s Afraid That No Man Will Ever Be Interested In Dating Her, Since She’s 20 And Has Never Been In A Relationship

BullRun - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This young woman is 20, yet she has never been in a relationship before. She knows she’s supposed to be in the prime of her life right now, but she sadly has never had a man ask her out on a date, let alone admit he has feelings for her at all.

Three different guys have caught her eye over the years, but not a single one really wanted her at all.

She also never made it clear to any of them that she was interested, as she thought hiding her feelings was the best course of action.

“I wouldn’t say I am unattractive; I am personally not that fond of my appearance (my cheeks are too plump, my lashes too short, etc.), but I am 5″7 and a size 2, with a nice [figure], thin waist and curly hair, I take care of my appearance and am often praised for my looks and clothing style,” she explained.

“In all fairness, I would say I’m at least a solid 6, maybe a 7. I am well-read and cultured, can hold a conversation, laugh a lot; I am involved in multiple clubs at my campus, go out fairly often, and overall am pretty sociable despite being more on the introverted side.”

“Yet…guys never hit on me. I am once in a blue moon approached on the street, but by guys that do not seem trustworthy; at bars or nightclubs, I am never approached (granted, I always stay with a friend group of 4-10 people, but still); guy friends often joke that I’m hot, etc., but it is just jokes.”

On her college campus, there are over 100 guys that she’s friendly with or runs into on a regular basis, but in the two years she’s been there, only two guys made moves on her, and it wasn’t serious.

She’s beginning to become afraid that no man will ever be interested in her. Back when her parents were her age, they were already in a serious relationship, so that makes her feel even more behind in life.

It’s not that she feels the need to currently be with someone, it’s that she just would like to be with a guy if the opportunity presented itself.

BullRun – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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