She’s Breaking Up With Her Boyfriend And Moving Out Of Their Apartment Because She Feels Like She’s Stuck In A Love Triangle With His Female Best Friend

Oleg Gekman - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This 22-year-old woman has always been easygoing, personable, and friendly. She’s also always prioritized her mental health and feeling at peace, doing whatever she can to avoid “unnecessary drama.” Her boyfriend of three years, Zack, has a best friend named Mia, who’s studying abroad.

Zack and Mia stayed in touch through text and video calls, and this never bothered her because she had a few male friends. Whenever she sat next to Zack while he video chatted with Mia, she and Mia didn’t care to talk to each other much or get to know each other. But since Zack hoped she and Mia could develop a friendship, she put in effort.

Three years ago, she texted Mia via WhatsApp to strike up a nice chat, and she knew they had similar taste in music, so she thought they’d be able to find common ground. Unfortunately, Mia read her message but never responded.

Later, Mia blocked her on WhatsApp. She was upset and thought Mia was impolite for blocking her, but she tried to move on. After the incident, she never told Zack what happened because she didn’t want to cause drama. She assumed Mia wasn’t interested in making new friends, so she tried giving her grace.

Recently, Mia moved back to their home country. She and Zack live together, and Zack brought up the idea of Mia living with them, but she refused to allow it because she’s uneasy with other people living in their apartment.

“Zack told her that I was the one who refused to let her live with us because Mia has done EVERYTHING to criticize me since that day. She has criticized my work, studies, hair, and clothes. Zack always says that’s how Mia is, and I should be her friend because she’s really funny,” she said.

Mia constantly makes remarks to try to make her envious. Once, Mia asked if she knew she and Zack bathed together as young children and acted irritated when she didn’t seem upset. In her opinion, there was nothing for her to feel envious about.

“She sits on Zack’s lap (he doesn’t say anything to her about that, even if he knows I don’t like it); he cuddles with her every time they have the chance, whisper to each other, and go out together sometimes. I obviously can’t help but think that at any moment, I will come back to the apartment, and she will be wearing one of his shirts, and I don’t want to deal with that,” she explained.

Sadly, she’s noticed that Zack seems to enjoy that she’s envious of Mia. Whenever she expresses how uncomfortable she is with how he and Mia behave together, he laughs and mocks her for being jealous. He never thinks her feelings are valid, which has been incredibly irritating.

Oleg Gekman – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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