This Couple Decided To Ditch Life In Seattle And Retire On A Cruise Ship After Realizing This Lifestyle Was Actually Much Cheaper Than Paying A Mortgage

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Faced with the exorbitant costs of living in the U.S., one couple decided to ditch the bills, pack their bags, and embark on a life at sea.

This Couple Wanted To Retire And Travel On An Affordable Budget

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Spouses Richard and Angelyn Burke are originally from Seattle. Back in May of 2021, though, they wanted to find a way to forego the “same old same old” while traveling on an affordable budget.

But They Realized Retiring Didn’t Make Sense Financially

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Plus, after crunching the numbers, they realized that retirement on continental soil might not make the most financial sense.

So, They Tried To Figure Out A Plan That Worked

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“We love to travel, and we were searching for a way to continuously travel in our retirement that made financial sense,” Angelyn, 53, explained in an interview with 7News Australia.

They Calculated It Was Possible To Travel For Around $44 A Day

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During their calculations, Richard and Angelyn ultimately realized that they would be able to travel for the rest of their lives for just $63 AUD– or approximately $44 USD– every day.

They Turned To Living On Cruise Ships

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Since then, they have ventured around the world on various cruise ships. One of the couple’s longest endeavors was even a trip from Seattle to Sydney, which took 51 days.

Their Longest Trip On One Ship Was 51 Days

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However, their favorite destinations thus far have included Italy, Singapore, Canada, and the Bahamas.

They Originally Wanted To Live In Different Countries For A Month At A Time

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Now, at the start of their journey, Richard and Angelyn’s original plan was to dwell in different countries for about a month at a time.

Their Dream Was To Retire On Cruise Ships As They Grew Older

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Then, they figured they would eventually retire to just cruise ships once they got older.

They Surprisingly Were Able To Retire Much Sooner

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But, since the couple lived frugally and took advantage of travel sales and loyalty program memberships, they were actually able to retire much sooner.

They Have No Plans To Return To Land Or A Job Again

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So, the couple has no plans to return to dry land anytime soon or work a typical nine-to-five ever again.

Their Average Daily Cost Of Living Is $89

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During a 2022 interview with CNN, Angelyn revealed that she and Richard’s average daily cost of living is $89 USD.

Here’s What $89 A Day Gets Them

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This includes the cost of their room, transportation, food, entertainment, port fees, tips, and taxes.

And The Best Part Is, This Is In Their Budget

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“This is well within our retirement budget,” she said.

Shockingly, The Average Cost Of A Home In Seatle Is Close To $1 Million Dollars

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On the flip side, the average home price in Seattle is over $900,000, according to Zillow.

The Couple’s Story Is Really Remarkable

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The couple’s remarkable story has since gone viral online, with many people agreeing that cruise life is much more affordable than living in a residential community or retirement home.

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Would you ever forego dry land to save money on a ship? If not, why?