While At Her Friend’s Birthday Party, She Wouldn’t Give A Kid A Special Gluten-Free Donut She’d Saved For Her Husband, And Both The Kid And His Mom Threw A Huge Temper Tantrum

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Have you ever met a kid who threw a temper tantrum over the smallest inconvenience and made you look like a mean adult?

One woman is being judged by some of her friends after refusing to give a kid a special donut she set aside for her husband at a party, causing him and his mom to have a massive temper tantrum.

She and her husband are close with a group of friends and recently attended a friend’s birthday party. The host told her not to worry about bringing anything, but she doesn’t like to go to anyone’s home empty-handed, so before the party, she stopped at a fancy bakery and bought a box of artisanal donuts to share.

Her husband can’t eat gluten, so she picked out one specific gluten-free donut just for him. There was a variety of other flavored regular donuts, and she bought a bunch for guests to enjoy, knowing there weren’t any other guests with gluten allergies.

She put the donuts on a table inside her friend’s house as soon as she and her husband arrived at the party. Immediately, a woman she didn’t know approached the donuts with her kid. The woman thanked her for bringing the donuts and proclaimed them the “best in the world.”

Unfortunately, when the woman’s little boy saw the donuts, he went for the gluten-free one. She tried to kindly tell the boy that she set that one aside for her husband, who has an allergy.

“I picked the donut out, set it aside, and proceeded to tell him about all the other wonderful flavors that I got, [like] cookies and cream and Nutella,” she recalled.

“It was donuts galore. The kid immediately started crying because he wanted the one I took away. His mom [began] tearing into me and yelling at me for not just giving him the donut. I was stunned, and I immediately left the situation. I went outside with my husband’s donut [and] gave it to him. I was mortified. I thought she would calm down, but no.”

The woman then went outside where the rest of the party was and made a scene out of the donut situation. The woman made her out to be a monster, and she argued with her for a while. Then, she got herself together and tried explaining to everyone that she set that one gluten-free donut aside for her husband but had a ton more for the kid to choose from.

whitestorm – – illustrative purposes only

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