Fighting Over Text, Or “Fexting,” May Give You A Chance To Carefully Reflect And Respond To Your Partner, But It Can Also Drain Any Empathy From Your Relationship

fizkes - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

How we approach certain life conflicts changes when living in a digital age. Communication is one of the most effective ways to settle a conflict or work out an issue, but how we communicate these days is different from how we did decades ago.

For instance, when you were a little kid, did you ever think you could get into a fight with your best friend or future spouse via text messages?

Before cell phones were so accessible, most people had to resolve relationship conflicts in person by sitting down and talking to their loved ones. Now, you may be expected to start and end an argument by typing on your phone’s keyboard.

The phenomenon of fighting or arguing via texts has been dubbed ‘fexting,’ and it requires a certain technology skillset. 

When you’re ‘fexting’ with someone, there’s this weird unspoken agreement that you’re not going to get on the phone and talk (although ideally, you should) and have to text back and forth well-thought-out responses to each other’s argument.

How you respond to ‘fexts’ when in a relationship is important, and the act of arguing via text has both benefits and downsides. If you’re curious about how it works, here are some of those benefits and downsides.

The benfits of ‘fexting.’

When you settle an argument with your partner via texts, you have a lot more time to figure out how you want to respond to their feelings and arguments. After all, when you’re fighting in person or over the phone, you’re forced to respond as quickly as possible, and because of the heat of the moment, you may not say everything you want to say.

Hashing something out via text gives you a moment to read what your partner says thoroughly, reflect on it, and then carefully respond in your own time.

fizkes – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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