Florists Aren’t Always The Most Affordable, So Here Are Our Top Tips For Creating A Gorgeous Floral Arrangement Using Only Grocery Store Flowers

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Has anyone ever teased you or made you feel less than because you got the flowers for your home from a grocery store or tiny deli instead of a florist shop?

While supporting your local florist is great and buying the freshest, high-quality flowers in town feels amazing, it can add up. Not everyone has the privilege of doing it routinely.

Grocery store flowers should not be cast aside or underestimated. You can get gorgeous flowers for cheaper prices and still manage to create a memorable floral arrangement. 

So, if you’re a fan of grocery store flowers and their prices, here’s how to elevate how you arrange them and make them look like you bought them from a professional.

Get yourself a flower frog

Don’t you hate when you buy a cute bouquet, follow the instructions for storing the flowers in a vase, do some stem trimming, then finally put them in a vase, and they all spread out instead of staying together in a cute bundle?

If you’re tired of that happening, get yourself a popular florist tool, a flower frog. They’re small tools with vertical needles or spikes you place at the bottom of a vase and help keep your flowers in place and upright. They’re a quick way to ensure your flowers stay put and look fabulous without frustration.

Reflex your roses

Many people turn their noses up at roses bought from more casual, cost-friendly establishments, as they sometimes don’t look as full or grand. However, they can, through a simple technique called reflexing, a method used to make roses look fuller and more dramatic.

Syda Productions – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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