He Agreed To Let His Wife’s Work Best Friend Join Their Vacation To Hawaii, But His Wife Told Her Friend That He’d Be Covering All Of The Trip Expenses, And He’s Not On Board

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This 42-year-old man has a 44-year-old wife, and he currently works in a very well-paid field – meaning he earns a solid salary. Meanwhile, his wife works in a “less well-paid” industry.

Nonetheless, he can afford to take himself and his wife on nice vacations every year.

“And, of course, I am happy to pay for the entire trip,” he said.

However, one of his wife’s best friends from work has apparently been going through a “rough patch.” So, his wife asked if her friend could also tag along with them on their vacation this year – which will be a trip to Hawaii.

He was actually totally fine with that, too, and told his wife that her friend could join them. So, he first booked flights and a hotel for himself and his wife.

“And I gave my wife the details so that her friend could book herself on the same flight and, if she wanted to, the same hotel,” he recalled.

Well, after he did that, chaos and arguments ensued. Apparently, his wife expected him to book and pay for both business-class flights and a hotel room for her friend since her friend was going through so much.

“And that it was my duty as her husband to bring her friend along for essentially a free ride, and that now she couldn’t face the embarrassment of having to tell her friend she needed to pay,” he revealed.

In fact, he found out that his wife had actually already told her friend that he would be covering all of their vacation expenses. So, his wife had claimed that her friend could just “relax and forget about everything.”

dell – – illustrative purposes only

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