He And His Mom Threw His Niece A Birthday Party Even Though His Brother And Sister-In-Law Were Totally Against The Idea, So Now His Brother Is Threatening Not To Let His Mom See Her Granddaughter Anymore

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This man’s older brother is currently married, and he and his wife are very frugal people who save all of their money. So, while they aren’t struggling financially, they still “hoard” all of their funds.

“Like they never eat out, go on vacations, and once all their bills are paid, everything goes into retirement, savings, and investments,” he said.

Quite frankly, he really doesn’t care about that, either. The only person he’s concerned about is his 6-year-old niece, who’s actually never had a birthday party or even a birthday cake in her life.

More recently, he also moved to be closer to his family, and he found out that, in addition to not throwing his niece any sort of celebration, his brother and sister-in-law would just throw out any birthday presents that family members sent for his niece.

That’s why he and his mother finally decided to take matters into their own hands. First, they gathered their family members – excluding his brother and sister-in-law. Then, his mom invited some of his niece’s friends – since his mom knew what girls his niece would have playdates with.

Afterward, he and his mom hosted a birthday party at his house. His mom just told his brother that she wanted to have some “grandma and granddaughter time,” and since it basically just seemed like free babysitting, his brother and sister-in-law said yes without any suspicions.

While everything went great at the celebration, though, his niece ultimately spilled the beans after arriving home – telling his brother and sister-in-law about the party.

Since then, his brother and sister-in-law have been furious and have even threatened to prevent his mom from seeing his niece. 

He tried telling his brother that he was acting “dumb” since he had no reason to be against celebrating his daughter. After all, he didn’t have to pay for anything whatsoever.

LIGHTFIELD STUDIOS – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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