He Broke Up With His Cheating Ex After Meeting A Woman He Thought Might Be “Marriage Material,” But His Ex Accused Him Of Wasting Six Months Of Her Life

“I wanted to know if we had something, so I broke up with my girlfriend. I was honest about it, and I told her that I couldn’t get her cheating out of my mind and that I felt like I was wasting both of our time by prolonging a relationship that didn’t have a future.”

Two months after breaking up with his ex, Marcie officially asked him out, and he was thrilled.

His ex was very upset about their breakup but understood where he was coming from. That is until she found out about his new relationship with Marcie.

His ex started calling him up and accused him of leaving her for another woman, even though he didn’t officially date Marcie until two months after they had broken up.

“I told [my ex] that even if Marcie wasn’t the one, I knew that she and I were not going to work long term,” he added.

“I couldn’t find a way to trust her fully again. She is mad that I ‘wasted’ six months of her life. I don’t think I did. I was trying to forgive her and move forward. I just couldn’t.”

Did he do anything wrong, or did he handle his breakup and new relationship appropriately?

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