He Called His Girlfriend A Hypocrite For Being Disgusted By Men Who Cheat Yet Making Allowances When Her Friend Flirted With Other Random Guys During A Night Out

bernardbodo - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

This man has been with his girlfriend for two years, and throughout their relationship, she’s always made it very clear how much she hates cheaters. She’s even said that she could never forgive her ex-boyfriend after she got cheated on.

So, when their friends have gotten into similar situations, his girlfriend has never hesitated to voice her disdain.

For instance, when one of his friends cheated on their partner, his girlfriend went on a long “rant” about how awful his friend was.

“Again, I agreed that he shouldn’t have cheated, etc., and I didn’t try to condone his behavior,” he revealed.

More recently, though, his girlfriend went out with three of her girlfriends over the weekend. For some context, all three of them are also in relationships.

Yet, the next morning, his girlfriend started talking about how one of her friends kept talking to other random men, dancing with them, wrapping her arms around them, and even trying to kiss another guy, but he said no.

“My girlfriend said all of this while joking about the night,” he said.

So, he pointed out how her friend was a cheater – or at least tried to be one. He also claimed to feel bad for the girl’s boyfriend and thought the guy deserved to know what happened.

Well, to his surprise, his girlfriend actually disagreed with him and claimed her friend wasn’t a cheater since nothing really happened.

bernardbodo – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual people

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