He Doesn’t Want His Girlfriend To Go On Vacation With A Guy Friend She Slept With, And He’s Considering Ending Their Relationship Over It

pressahotkey - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

This man is currently in a relationship, and his girlfriend has a close guy friend whom she’s known for eight years.

In the past, his girlfriend has actually slept with her guy friend during two different time periods, too. First, in 2017, and then again in 2023.

“The latest being several times over three months, just before we got together,” he said.

Now, his girlfriend and her guy friend have traveled together while they were both in relationships before. According to her, nothing happened except one night when they got “blackout drunk” and kissed.

“And she is now sober and committed to her sobriety,” he explained.

So, since he and his girlfriend have begun dating, she’s tried to assure him that she and her guy friend are just that – friends. She claimed that if they wanted to be together, she and her guy friend would have just pursued a relationship by now.

Plus, as for why they even slept together in the first place, his girlfriend swore it was only because they were both single and “had no one else around.”

However, every single year, his girlfriend and her group of four friends – including her guy friend – go on a trip and visit a new country for two weeks. And now that they are officially dating, he’s not very comfortable with his girlfriend traveling with her guy friend again.

But his girlfriend doesn’t want to cancel the trip because her friends are super important to her. She also described her guy friend as one of her “very close friends” and swore there were no romantic feelings between them. So, she wants him to just trust her.

pressahotkey – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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