He Doesn’t Want To Let His Ex-Wife Move Back In After She Lost Her Job Because He’s Worried It Will Mess With Their Kids’ Well-Being And Disrupt Their Peace At Home

santypan - - illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

When this 50-year-old man and his ex-wife, who is 48, were still married, they had two children together – a daughter who is currently 15 and a son who is 13.

But, he and his ex have been divorced for three years now, and his kids mostly live with him since he was awarded primary custody.

His ex-wife, on the other hand, has been struggling a lot since their divorce – particularly in terms of finances. Apparently, she’s having difficulty holding down a steady job, and she’s been moving around frequently.

Most recently, his ex also lost her job after her company downsized. So, she actually reached out to him and asked if she could move back into his home temporarily until she was able to get back on her feet.

“She claims this would also allow her to spend more time with our kids, which she believes would be beneficial for them,” he said.

While he understands his ex is in a tough situation, though, their marriage didn’t end on good terms.

“She was unfaithful, which led to our separation, and I’ve worked hard to create a stable environment for our children,” he explained.

“I worry that having her move back in would disrupt the peace we’ve found and possibly reopen old wounds.”

That’s why he offered to help his ex out in other ways, like helping her find a job. He also suggested that she stay with friends or other family members in the meantime.

santypan – – illustrative purposes only, not the actual person

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